Salmon still coming

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Fishing on the klamath and Trinity Rivers the past month has been excellent! The average size of Salmon are larger than normal.There is an abundance of half pounders, adult Steelhead and King Salmon. The sport fishing quota on the lower Klamath River has been met so, we can only keep two Jack Salmon and two hatchery Steelhead. The quota on the Trinity River is still open for bag limits.
It has been especially exciting year for me as a guide when usually side drifting is the best technique to use. This year everything is productive! Back bouncing, spinners, plugging, as well as float fishing are producing the same numbers of fish.
Fishing has slowed down in the lower Klamath! I will be focused on the upper klamath around the Horn brook area and the Trinity River from the confluence to the Big Bar area.
If you have any questions about where to go or whats going on feel free to send a message or give me a call at (707)601-6652.DSC-0638

MicahSalmon still coming
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Eel River Steelhead

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DSC-0513Fishing on the Eel River the past few days has been slow to ok, but by no means is it over for the north coast this year! We are getting a few fresh fish, mixed with down runners.

I was fortunate to fish with a good client again, Jared who always seems to make the time go by with a good attitude and solid hook sets! He made the day early in the morning with a solid fifteen pound plus steelhead!

Weather is due to hit the coast on Wednesday. Precipitation levels are anywhere from one inch to three inches. I will be fishing through the weekend, or until the conditions push me off the river!

MicahEel River Steelhead
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smith river

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Fishing the past few days on the Smith River before it blew out was up and down. One day we only had a couple opportunities and another we had a few. We caught one spent fish, the rest were fresh chrome bright Winter Steelhead!

At this point in time we have a lot of weather coming our way! It would appear that the rivers will take some time to drop to fishable levels if they follow the river predictions. When the rivers come into shape it will be game on for Steelhead!!IMG-2529 We still have some open dates for February and March. Give us a call or send us a message.

– Micah

Micahsmith river
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Eel River Fishing

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The rain is finally here!! The past few days has been a consistent steady rainfall. According to my local rain gage, its rained 1.5 inches and there is much more to come! There will be a lull mid week but around Thursday another storm is due to hit the North Coast.

The weather has had no effect on the fish coming into the river systems. This year the numbers and size are baffling in all the rivers I have fished. The fish are coming in all colors and sizes! The past week has and will have a everlasting effect in my memory for one of the most legendary fishing years I’ve experienced. I can’t tell you the last time the grade of fish has been so large. I feel without some of the fishing gear that Mad River Manufacturing has to offer, we would have not put together the past several epic days of fishing! Thanks MRMF staff.

Fishing hard the past week on the local rivers has been very productive! WE have had a great average in size and numbers. My biggest fish was in the mid to high teens! Getting geared up for the next fishing trip on Monday has never seemed to be so far away! My curiosity is eating away at me… I can’t wait!

For all the Steelhead junkies out there… It is game on!


P.S. Don’t forget That ”Bent Rods And Big Smiles Is Our Quest”.IMG-2565

MicahEel River Fishing
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Fishing on Klamath Trinity rivers

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I have been on the Klamath and Trinity rivers the past week! The fishing has been different every day. One day we hook one and the next day we hook six! We have caught Fall run and fresh Winter run Steelhead, to large native Brown Trout and Half Pounders. The weather forecast looks promising for the next few days! It seems that we will have enough precipitation to lift the low flow closures on all the coastal rivers. If the weather follows through with the predictions, its hard to say where I’m fishing next! There is going to be a lot of action in all the rivers no matter which one I choose. This potential fishing coming up could be one for the books with all the fish stacked up in the estuaries. Send a message or give us a call for more information!

MicahFishing on Klamath Trinity rivers
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