Smith river

smith river

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Fishing the past few days on the Smith River before it blew out was up and down. One day we only had a couple opportunities and another we had a few. We caught one spent fish, the rest were fresh chrome bright Winter Steelhead!

At this point in time we have a lot of weather coming our way! It would appear that the rivers will take some time to drop to fishable levels if they follow the river predictions. When the rivers come into shape it will be game on for Steelhead!!IMG-2529 We still have some open dates for February and March. Give us a call or send us a message.

– Micah

Micahsmith river
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Fishing in Northern California

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In Northern California starting on Friday a storm came through and gave us about 1.5” – 2” inches of rain. The Smith River received the most precipitation, besides the Chetco River in Oregon! With the rain came a massive amount of chrome bright Winter Steelhead. Fishing with Don of Dons Custom  Lures and Tom Davison we put together a great day of fishing. We hooked seven fish and landed six! One of the fish was a classic 15 lb wild Smith River Steelhead!

We will turn our attention to the Klamath and Trinity river at this point in time. Both rivers are getting winter Steelhead and we are starting to book trips. Give us a call or send an email for more information.047048

MicahFishing in Northern California
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Waiting for Rain

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The fishing has slowed down at the moment in Northern California,and Southern Oregon! We are waiting for more rain to bring in new fish to the river systems. Douglas and Junction city on the Trinity river still has some decent Steelhead fishing. Most of the fish are coming on small nymphs,and egg patterns! The fish are slightly lethargic due to cold temperatures.
There is some weather in the forecast due to hit the coast mid week. Its hard to say what the weather gods have in store for us! If the weather cooperates we will see more King Salmon entering the Chetco,Eel,and the Van Duzen rivers systems. Early winter run Steelhead have already shown their presence in the Mad,and Eel rivers. Most of the Steelhead are in the 3 to the 4 lb. range! The low flow closures are in effect on the Eel,Van Duzen,and Mad rivers due to limited rainfall.

MicahWaiting for Rain
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